7:15 PM

I'm Not Saying She's Easy, But

Posted by ANUAR SANi

She's been on her knees more times than Billy Graham.
She's been laid on more kitchen floors than linoleum.
She's done more screwing than Black and Decker.
She's responsible for more merry men than Robin Hood.
She's turned more tricks than Harry Houdini.
She's been boarded more times than a train.
She's entertained more troops than Bob Hope.
She's been at more bedsides than Dr. Kildare.
She's been turned more ways than Rubik's Cube
She's spent more time under men than all the country’s barstools.
She's had more turnovers than the International House of Pancakes.
She's been under more sheets than the Ku Klux Klan.
Her body has been declared a national recreation area.
Her gynaecologist entered her in the Grand Canyon look-alike contest.
Her pantyhose have a trap door.


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