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Posted by ANUAR SANi

A parish priest has a pastime of rearing rare chickens. One day he walks into the garden
to find his prize rooster missing.
"Those thieving parishioners, I'll give them fire and brimstone on Sunday." Thinks the
Sure enough, on Sunday, the congregation get a vehement sermon on the evils of theft
etc. Certain that his sermon has done the trick and that a member of the congregation
will now own up, the priest asks,
"Has anyone here got a cock?"
All the men stand up.
"No, no. I mean, has anyone here seen a cock?"
All the women stand up.
"No, not that. Has anyone here seen a cock that doesn't belong to them?"
Half the women stand up.
"Oh you idiots. I want to know about MY cock. Has anyone seen my cock?"
All the choirboys stand up.


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