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Good friars

Posted by ANUAR SANi

The good friars were having a difficult time meeting the payments for the new belfry
they'd put in the monastery, so they decided to open a flower shop to get a little extra
They did so, and were very successful. Apparently, everyone in the village wanted to
purchase their posies from these godly men.
However, the other florist in town was severely affected financially by their success, so
he went to the good friars and asked them to please consider shutting down. They, of
course, did not, and so after a few more weeks of diminishing profits, he went again to
beg them to consider closing.
The friars, however, refused. In desperation, the other village florist contacted Hugh
McTaggart, the meanest, ugliest bully in the village, and sent him on a mission.
So Mr. McTaggart went to the flower shop and demolished it, tossing the friars about
like rag dolls, and warning them sternly that they'd better close, or he'd be back to do
Naturally, the friars closed up shop that day, and never reopened, thus proving once
again that Hugh, and only Hugh, can prevent florist friars.


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