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Big Jake’s Coming!

Posted by ANUAR SANi

A pilgrim was walking across the prairie during the days of
the Old West when he came across a small town. Passing
through the town, he noticed a saloon and decided to stop
and quench his thirst. After ordering a beer, he stood at the
bar and observed the other clientele in the saloon.
Suddenly the saloon door swung open, and a cowboy came
running in yelling “Big Jake’s comin’!” Within seconds the
establishment had cleared, leaving the pilgrim and his beer
alone at the bar. Sure enough, a huge seven-and-a-half
foot, 500 pound cowboy came swaggering in, tearing out
the front door frame with his broad shoulders.
The cowboy looked around the saloon, marched over to the
pilgrim, picked him up by the scruff of the neck, and threw
him over the bar, bellowing “Gimme a drink!” The pilgrim
complied, placing the almost-full bottle next to the glass on
the bar. The cowboy tossed back the drink, then bit the
neck off of the bottle and emptied that too.
At that point, the pilgrim, quaking in his boots, asked “Sir,
would you care for another?” To which the cowboy replied,
“Nope. I gotta go. Big Jake’s comin’!”


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