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Public hairs

Posted by ANUAR SANi

A husband and his wife decide to rent a room to a young student. When she arrives the
wife explains, “We haven't got a bathroom. So when you want a bath you’ll have to use a
tin bath that is next to the fireplace. I suggest you take your bath on Monday evenings,
as my husband goes out with his friends that night.”
Next Monday the girl undressing near the fireplace and the wife notes that she hasn't
any pubic hair. The following morning the wife tells her husband.
“That student girl’s go no pubic hair!”
“I don’t believe it!” he says.
“It’s true,” says the wife, “Next week I’ll keep leave a gap between the curtains so you
can see!”
Next Monday the girl takes her bath and the wife asks, “Do you shaves your pubic hair?”
“Oh, no. I have never had any.” Says the girl. “Do you have hairs there?”
“Sure” says the wife as she lifts her skirt to show her.
The next morning the wife asks her husband, “Did you see?”
“Sure I did. But why did you show her yours?”
“Oh... what’s the problem with that? You’ve seen it hundreds of times!”
“Yea that’s true” says the husband, “ but all my god dam friends HAVEN’T!”


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