2:51 AM

Mary's fantasy.

Posted by ANUAR SANi

For a long time, Mary had a sexual fantasy of having hot sex with a black man. One night
Mary finds herself in a bar. After a while she meets a handsome black man, who appears
to be charming and a great guy. So she figures what the heck, I’ll go for it. So Mary asks
the guy to come home with her.
When they get to Mary's apartment they had a few more glasses of wine. Mary looks
deeply into the guy’s eyes and tells him about her fantasy and asks him to be a part of it!
Well, the guy agrees and so the two head for Mary's bedroom. Mary is hot by now and
says, “OK, I want you to undress me and tie me to the bed!”
So the guy takes four of her silk scarves and securely ties her arms and legs to the
bedposts so that she's left spread-eagle.
By this time, Mary is worked into frenzy. She looks up at the black guy with lust in her
eyes and says, “OK, big boy, do what you do best to me!”
And would you believe it he’s does. He


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