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Fried Worms

Posted by ANUAR SANi

Little Johnny refused to eat. So his mother, in desperation, took him to the psychiatrist, who tried many methods, to no avail. The doc asked "What would you like to eat?"
"Worms" Little Johnny said. The doc was gleeful as he sent his nurse for cupfull. Placing them on a plate, the doc said "Here they are."
"I want them fried" was the response.
The nurse took them and had them fried.
When presented with them, Little Johnny replied that he only desired one.
The doc took one and in a strong voice said "Here is only one. Now eat it."
"I only want half and you eat the other" was the reply.
The doc swallowed one half and gave the other to Little Johnny.
The boy began to cry. The doc asked what was now wrong.
Little Johnny said "You ate my half!"


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