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Cream Of The Cream

Posted by ANUAR SANi

Little Johnny was walking down High Street with his mother. They stopped outside a womans clothing shop, Johnny's mother knew it would embarass Johnny to go inside, so she told him to wait outside. Before Johnny's mother had a chance to go inside, little Johnny saw a used condom lying on the pavement.
"What is that mummy!?" he asked.
His mother looked mortified when she saw the used condom and hastilly said, "Ah, Um, It is a biscuit Johnny, but its on the ground so its dirty, don't touch it!"
Confident that Johnny wouldn't touch it she went in the shop. When she came out 10 min later she saw the condom was gone.
"You didn't eat the biscuit, did you Johnny!?" she asked.
"Of course not, it was dirty, so I just licked the cream out from inside it."


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