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Be Kind To Animals

Posted by ANUAR SANi

Little Johnny's father wakes him up one morning and says "Johnny, go feed the animals as I am late and must take a shower."
Little Johnny who is now angry gets out of bed and walks past his mother who is making breakfast in the kitchen. Johnny gathers the food for the chicken, pig, and cow. First, Johnny kicks the chicken and drops it's feed in its feeder. Second, Johnny walks up to the pig, kicks it, and drops its slop in it's trough. Third, Johnny walks up, kicks the cow, and gives the cow it's food.
Meanwhile, his mother can see all of what Johnny is doing from the kitchen. Johnny walks back to the house and enters the kitchen. Johnny's mother says, "Johnny, I saw what you did and for kicking the chicken, you will have no eggs for breakfast, for kicking the pig, you will have no bacon. For kicking the cow, you will have no milk."
Meanwhile, Johnny's father walks down the stairs and trips over the cat and nearly falls. Johnny's father walks up and kicks the cat. Johnny looks at his mother and says "Should I tell him what he's not going to have or are you?"


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