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English Class

Posted by ANUAR SANi

An English teacher asked her class of young delinquents if anyone could spell the word 'Dictate'.
Crusher, raised his hand and said: "D-I-K-T-A-T-E." The teacher replied: "Sorry Crusher, that's wrong, anyone else?"
Bonehead, shouted: "D-I-C-K-T-A-T-E." "Sorry Bonehead, wrong," replied the teacher. "How about you Susie, would you like to try?"
Susie replied: "D-I-C-T-A-T-E." "Excellent Susie, that's correct. Now, who can use the word 'Dictate' in a sentence?" asked the teacher.
Bonehead, raised his hand and said: "I can."
"OK, Bonehead, go ahead," said the teacher.
Bonehead, yelled: "How did my dictate last night, Susie?"


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