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lawyer jokes compilation 11

Posted by ANUAR SANi

The relatives of the family's rich dowager gathered for the reading of her will after her
long awaited death.
“Being of sound mind,” read the lawyer, “I spent every last cent before I died.”


A bunch of lawyers were sitting around the office playing poker. “I win!” said Johnson,
at which point Henderson threw down his cards. “That’s it! I’ve had it! Johnson is
“How can you tell?” Phillips asked.
“Those aren’t the cards I dealt him!”


The New York Times, among other papers, recently published a new Hubble photograph
of distant galaxies colliding.
Of course, astronomers have had pictures of colliding galaxies for quite some time now,
but with the vastly improved resolution provided by the Hubble Space Telescope, you
can actually see the lawyers rushing to the scene.



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