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Dad's War Story

Posted by ANUAR SANi

One day teacher Jane asked her class of 8 year olds to go home and think of a story with a moral behind it. The next day she asked her class to tell her there stories. "What's your story Mary Jane?" she asked one little lass.
"Well, we had 10 mummy chookies and each mummy chookie laid 2 googie eggs. But when they hatched we only had 8 baby chookies (and one omelette)" said the enthusiastic youth.
"That's a lovely story Mary Jane," said Jane, "What's the morale behind it?"
"Don't count your chickens before there hatched."
"Very good," Teacher Jane added.
After a while Teacher Jane got to a young lad called Johnny.
"Ok Johnny, what's your story?", Teacher Jane asked wearily. (Johnny was not known for his high intellect).
"When my dad was in 'Nam," Johnny started, leaning back in his chair, "He was stuck in the jungle all by 'imself with no more then six bullets, a rifle with a bayonet on the end, and a bottle of scotch when all of a sudden 18 Viet Cong attacked him."
"OH!!!" said Teacher Jane, totally wrapped in the story, "What happened next?"
"Well first he skulled his bottle of scotch, then he shot six, bayoneted six and battered the rest to death with the end of his rifle."
"That's horrible Johnny," said the teacher thoroughly disgusted, "What's the morale behind that?"
"Don't pick on my old man when he's pissed."


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