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Bleached Blonde?

Posted by ANUAR SANi

Johnny kept betting on everything, and it was driving his dad crazy. So he called Johnny's teacher and told her about it. She promised to try to do something about it and at school that day told Johnny that she wanted to see him after class. After everybody had gone home Johnny went to his teacher and said "I know what you're going to say and you're a liar!"
His teacher said "Whatever do you mean by that?"
Johnny replied "You mislead everyone, the hair on your head is blonde but your pubes are dark, you bleach your hair!"
His teacher saw her chance and said "I'll bet you ten dollars that my pubes are blonde."
Johnny agreed and put ten dollars down, whereupon his teacher pulled down her panties, revealing a thick blonde bush.
Johnny paid her the money and left.
His teacher rang Johnny's father and told him what she'd done to cure Johnny of his habit, but Johnny's father groaned and said "Oh no, now he'll be worse than ever!"
The teacher asked him what he meant and he replied "Before he left for school today Johnny bet me fifty dollars that he'd see your pussy before the day was over."


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