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Eight Holes Into One

Posted by ANUAR SANi

Little Johnny's teacher has had it with his behavior, so she goes to the principal and pleads for something to be done. The principle asks for Little Johnny to be sent to his office. When Little Johnny arrives the principle tries to play with his mind so he asks him something that Little Johnny will think is rude.
"Tell me Johnny, do you know how to put a hole into another hole?" asks the principle.
"No sir I don't" replies Little Johnny.
"I'm giving you to the end of the month to come back with the answer to this question" says the principle.
The whole month passes and Little Johnny is quiet as a mouse, thinking about the question which he thinks must have a rude answer day and night. After a month Little Johnny starts with his bad behavior again and the teacher pleads the principle again, so Little Johnny is called in.
"Tell me Johnny, did you figure out how to put a hole into another hole?" asked the principle.
"No sir I didn't, but do you know how to put 8 holes in to another hole?" asked Little Johnny.
"No" was the answer from the now dizzy principle.
"Well" said Little Johnny, "Come home with me after school today and I'll show you. You see my dad has this flute with 8 holes in it and if I shove it up your ass, you'll see how it's done."


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