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Al Lith Desert Camp

Posted by ANUAR SANi

01 March 2011
The idea to gather all his staff out from Robian compound is really interesting. Bringing them to a new dry area in the middle of nowhere, no trees, water, shade etc which nobody has in mind. The efforts to organized an event like this are so challenging. Most of them are so happy and contributed a lot for the happening. This is the best moment where they can be together in a large group having games and special talk and also special speech (motivation talk actually) by our HRD Director, Mr. Ariffin. Bravo Abad, Hssg Department Manager on the succesfully launched the new idea for Robian.

1 big tend is enough to keep all the staff inside. 

All staffs are concentrating on the speech..

Brain storming session.

small appreciation gift from NGJ Abad (HSSG)
to Mr. Ariffin (HRD).

Mr. Ariffin (HRD), NGJ Abad (HSSG) and Me! 

On the top of one of the small
hill near the camp.


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