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Jeddah Trip

Posted by ANUAR SANi

18 Nov 2010
sitting alone in my small room doesn't help me to solve all my problems. but that's the reality i have to face for the past 10 years. nobody knows. except god, only me and myself understood very well how my life has been ruined by my environment. but today, after a long deep sleep, got a called from my good frenz, nj. well, what is it? hm,, another journey to jeddah, just for a cup of cofee.
who is him? so smart and tough look. hm,, wondering

nereus jetho abad (nj)

me, timbas and melody. this shot not
 supposed to be taken but our cameraman
 really make us smile.
near cappucino coffe shop. try to show
 the whole block but unfortunately this is
what came out.  
shot before having our meal at ruby tuesday. 
fresh strawberry with soda.

hey! seems so happy nj.

the one and only best frenz i got here.
i knew him for almost 8 years now. he's a kind
of happy go lucky guy. very strict when it
 comes to works but so frendly after office
hours. workaholic and dedicated person.
normal and typical asian style of work
on the way home. drop by here just for refreshing.
also trying our new toys.

this is not a high jump competition, just the crazy jumpers
who got nothing to do during the pit stop. nj seem so heavy
to jump,,, aha!

photo shot using built in flash from my
canon 1000D (a beginner/entry SLR
camera). i will go for high end camera once
i can prove my shot is really worth.
timbas, abad, melody and roger. met them
on the way home. well, this is the common
spot where we use to have a cup of cappucino
 or adani (milk tea with ginger)

Meal at Ruby Wednesday

it looks like "murtabak" but not. taste is good but
only during hot. once cold, it became hard and
less taste.

rib ordered by Abad. 1 rack only but really make our tummy full. So far, this is the  best rib i ever tasted in jeddah. so soft, tasty and yummy.

my meal. 1 rack of rib and 1 steak. i thought both will come
thin and small the same as what we had in TGi Friday but
it's can feed 2 guys lol. the rib extremely good but steak taste like
others. but for me, good or not i will end up with empty plate. hehe!

our dessert. only 1 cheesecake we ordered
for both of us and of course we shared.


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